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Commercial laundry for an efficient business

Our service is suitable for:

Do you think that taking care of your bedding, towels and tablecloth laundry is taking precious time that can be otherwise invested productively? Our commercial laundry services will help you do just that. You could go on with running your business while your laundry, uniform, bedding or towels will be collected and delivered clean in Taunton and across West Somerset.

  •  Restaurants

  •  Sports Clubs

  •  Beauty Salons

  •  Hotels

  •  Holiday homes

  •  House lettings

  •  B&Bs

  •  Any business that needs clean workwear              

More than just laundry services

Do you need cleaning services beyond bedding and towels for your hotel, B&B or house letting? A M Laundry Services offers a host of other services that you could benefit from. Be it curtains, upholstery or just about any clothing that needs dry cleaning or ironing. Contact us if you are in Taunton or surrounding areas in West Somerset. We also undertake your dressmaking and alteration needs.

Is time a critical factor?

Running a business is like clockwork. Everything needs to fall into place at the right time. A quick turnaround time from A M Laundry Services means that you get your bedding and towels for your hotel or B&B washed and delivered in a timely manner. We offer an efficient laundry service so you have more time to run your business.

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